About Us

Willow Ombudsman

We are a small group of people (see below) who aim to provide free advocacy and meditative services for those people who wish to raise a specific issue in relation to the Hizmet movement in Britain

This includes sohbets (religious discussions), istisares (meetings), kamps (religious retreats) etc. that are not organized under the auspices of a formal body but are known to be associated with Hizmet nonetheless. Given our remit, we have become a non-voting member of Voices, where we will have the opportunity to raise more general issues of concern.

In the interest of full transparency, we are people who associate themselves with Hizmet’s values, teachings and civil society practices. Furthermore, we have been providing aspects of this service, albeit informally, in the UK for the past year. During this period, a number of British Hizmet organisations encouraged us to provide this service at a more formalized setting, which is how this website was born.